Family-Friendly Activities in Austin, TX

Things To Do In Austin

Good ‘ole Austin, Texas. Known as the live music capital of the world, Austin can manage to have you hitting the dance floor in no time. The eclectic music scene will draw you in with blues and rock. Many parks and lakes are sprinkled around the city that people can utilize for getting their adventurous side on. However, all of these things might not be best suited for a family with kids. That’s why we went on an adventure to discover exactly what activities would be best for anyone with children. The good news is that there is plenty to do for families! Here are some of the best family-friendly things to do in Austin, Texas.

Zilker Zephyr

The Zilker Zephyr is the perfect place to go if your child loves trains. The Zilker Park has a miniature train that the whole family can ride! It is about 20 minutes long and will show you all the great sights around the park. These sights include the Barton Creek and Lady Bird Lake. The train takes its time traveling so you don’t have to worry about the speed. If you are looking to do this, the train is running Monday through Sunday from 10 to 5 every hour, on the hour (weather permitting of course).

Hamilton Pool

If it is a hot day in Austin, you and the family might want to swing by the gorgeous Hamilton Pool reserve. This historic swimming hole has been around for quite some time and proves to be a very popular spot. Here you will find a beautiful 50-foot waterfall, well-placed trees, inviting water, and eye capturing scenery. Just keep in mind that reservations are required during peak summer months.

The Thinkery

This children’s museum might just entice the adult’s minds as well. The Thinkery museum inspires kids to ask “how?” and “why”? Families can all enjoy the science together while diving deeper into interesting processes. This could potentially be where your child discovers that they want to invent and innovate when they become older. The Thinkery does a great job of making the information as accessible and attainable to all while still seeming to be very fun and enjoyable. It’s unbelievable how they figured out how to bridge the gap between children’s creativity and their aspirations to grow smart.

Umlauf Sculpture Garden

The Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum represents a famous sculpture named Charles Umlauf. Peppered throughout the garden are gorgeous, safe to touch, sculptures that will have the whole families in awe. There are over 40 sculptures that you will find here. There is also a gallery that one can step inside of and see other works from Charles and others put on display. For the children, they have great workshop-style classes that can inspire your child to pursue art! Who knows, maybe your child could have a sculpture garden one day that you can go visit.

Peter Pan Mini Golf

Who doesn’t like mini golf? It is such a fun game for the whole family. What if I told you it gets better? By combining your imagination and inspiration with mini golf, you will get the Peter Pan Mini Golf Course in Austin, Texas! This has been an icon of Austin since 1948. The giant Peter Pan and T-Rex are fixtures that are well known throughout the whole city. Try your hand at a round of 18-holes with the whole family. The best part is that this place is run by a family itself so you can expect some of the best customer service around. Have fun and don’t let your kids fly away to Neverland!

Austin Zoo and Animal Sanctuary

If your child loves animals, this might be the place to go! The Austin Zoo and Animal Sanctuary is a pretty unique zoo in that it helps rescue animals by rehabilitating and educating them enough to send them back into the wild! Many zoos operate without this ethical intention, and it really is relieving to know that the animals you’re seeing are in good hands. The best part is you can use a Groupon to save half off on 2 to 6 tickets.

Jumpoline Park

The Jumpoline Park is a family fun center that holds some of the best innovative trampolines that you can find. This can also be great for exercising and just experiencing something new with the whole family. If you’re looking to burn some calories, you can expect to burn 600-1000 calories in just one hour while just having tons of fun.

Austin Nature & Science Center

Have you ever wanted to learn about dinosaurs and other fascinating wildlife hands-on?  At the Austin Nature and Science Center, you can expect immersive nature exhibits, educational events, and tons of activities for you and the entire family to do. This helps everyone attain increased awareness of what is going on with nature and how important it is to treat it as so. Go and enjoy! You never know what you might find.

As you can see, Austin is riddled with countless exciting and fun kid-friendly activities. Even if it’s just a weekend trip, the whole family will leave inspired. Plan your trip today starting with these eight pit stops, and enjoy dozens of more fun things to do along your way.