Preparing Your Home for a Christmas Gathering 

snowman decorations

Tis’ the season for Jingle Bells on repeat and shopping malls flooded with Santa’s Elves. Christmas is in full swing! Depending on your family traditions, the holiday season may also call for welcoming neighbors, out-of-state relatives, or even strangers into your home. Which could mean a longer to-do list. (If only Santa could take that for your Christmas list.) 

This Christmas focus on what matters most, spending time quality time with the people you love. Use this guide to prepare your home for holiday company, without all of the stress.

Give Everyone a Heads Up

Today, there are many different options for inviting your guests. Whether that be by knocking on your neighbor’s door, creating a Facebook event, or mailing out hard-copy invitations. Whatever works best for you, be sure to give your guests enough time to RSVP and plan for the event. Especially if you are serving Christmas dinner potluck style.

If that’s the case, give your guests the ability to notify you what they are bringing to the party. The earlier you know, the easier it is for you to plan to prepare all of the other holiday staples. For those that have never been to your home before, include general instructions or a small map of your neighborhood to help them find your home.

Clear the Mess

The beauty of holiday gatherings is having everyone in one place at one time. Which also means, it’s much easier to become overcrowded in your normal spaces. Help encourage comfort by removing unnecessary clutter from the rooms your guests will be spending time in.

Evaluate what needs to be moved to another room, donated, or simply thrown out. When moving items to a new area of the house, ensure you choose a space that is out of your guests’ way, such as a garage or a spare room (that they aren’t staying in).

Tackle Some Cleaning

Once the counters and floors of your home are decluttered, the process of cleaning will be a breeze. Wipe down any surfaces, vacuum any carpets, and shine any fixtures with fingerprints. Especially in the kitchen and living room. After all, a clean house is essential to an enjoyable party! Since bathrooms are best when freshly cleaned, leave cleaning toilets and bathroom mirrors for the day of the party.

Add a Touch of Holiday Cheer

What’s Christmas without a little decoration? Now, you don’t need to tinsel your home from top to bottom to get people in the spirit. Small tasteful pieces in each room will do the trick. For instance, add a simple wreath or welcome sign to your front entry way or cover your tables with simple holiday table cloths and a small centerpiece.

Fill the Air with Christmas Cookies (Or Fake It)

Nothing says Christmas like sugar cookies. Bake a batch or two of cookies to get the house smelling warm and cozy. Or if children are attending, have them decorate them at the party. If you’re crunched for time, fake it with holiday scented candles! Either will keep your guests merry and bright.