Best Places To Go Off-Roading in Texas

Off-Roading is an adventure unlike any other. There’s nothing more powerful than a man and his Jeep, OHV, ATV, or even bike taking on nature’s most fierce obstacles and beating them. Sometimes dirty, but always challenging and exciting, off-roading is a popular hobby in The Lone Star State. When looking for a good place to take your vehicle, the number of great spots to explore can be overwhelming. No need to worry, this list is the best of the best in terms of off-roading in Texas.

Barnwell Mountain

Built by the Texas Motorized Trails Coalition in Gilmore, this sprawling 1850 acre park contains over 27 miles of trails for every type of off-roading imaginable. Those with dirt bikes, ATVs, OHVs, and more can test their mettle over rough terrain and tricky obstacles. There’s also an Adventure Trail for those with less experience. Camping is available here, as well as RV hook-ups, electricity, and a few cabins.

Hidden Falls Adventure Park

With amazing trails and rock formations to explore with an ATV or 4×4, Hidden Falls Adventure Park is a great choice for off-roading. Those who want a different kind of ride should try their moonlight drives, available on select weekends and offering some truly adventurous riding. Hidden Falls Adventuer Park is located in Marble Falls, about an hour northwest of Austin.

Canyons Off Road Park

A popular and still relatively new park, this place is an off-roader’s dream, just outside of Fredericksburg. Whether he wants to jump some hills or splash up through some creeks, a driver will never be bored here. With its new amenities, its modern while still maintaining its country roots. Vehicles here must have a roll cage for safety reasons.

Katemcy Rocks

Rock climbing heads will want to head to this park in Mason for some serious rock crawling. The trails here are leveled and there is a mandatory trail guide for the higher level trails. And they are very high leveled. Roll cages are also a must. This isn’t a place for beginners, but is an amazing chance for Jeep lovers to get some major rock crawling in. Make sure to check the event schedule for available times.

Creekside Offroad RV Ranch

Located in Splendora, Texas, this ranch is for those who aren’t afraid to get dirty. Trails here are challenging and will coat a rider and his OHV in dirt, sand, and mud. There’s a ton of fun to be had, however, with miles of trails including water obstacles. For those wanting to extend their adventure, there are RV hook-ups available.

Red Sands OHV Area

This open public space is perfect for those drivers who want no guides and no trails: just a lot of sand to play on. While large dunes are available here, there is a lot of available space for tricks and sand driving. Motorcycles, OHVs, and ATVs are all allowed here.

There’s a seemingly endless amount of off-roading parks and trails in Texas, but to get the best, most invigorating experience, these are the top six. Whether a Jeep is your vehicle of choice or an ATV or OHV, each one of these parks has something worth making the trip for. Make sure to be safe and have fun.