7 Reasons You Should Move Your Family To Texas

Cost of living in your current state got you down? Are you searching for a better life for you and your young family? Check out the Lone Star State. Texas is one of the most popular states in the lower 48 for families to move to. With annual average temperatures in the 70s and 80s, a big tech market boom, and a range of great neighborhoods, it is seen by more and more as a desirable place to live. Here are some other reasons Texas is worth considering.

State Income Tax

One of Texas’ biggest financial draws is that there’s no state income tax. This means you get to keep more of your money from each paycheck to spend as you wish. This can help tremendously in paying for day to day items.

One thing to consider is that the state makes up for the lack of income tax with property tax. Property taxes are separate and the sixth highest in the country, but because housing prices are still less expensive than in other areas, the cost of living is low, and there’s no state income tax, you’ll still save money in most cases.

Affordable Housing

The median home price for Texas hovers around $196,000. This is less than most other states, such as California, with a median price of $548,000.

This can seem like an overwhelming search in a huge state, so start by considering the following criteria in each area you might want to move to:

* Neighborhoods with lots of things for families to do

* Strong communities that hold things like outdoor festivals, parades, and other events

* Good schools

* Jobs, if you don’t already have one waiting

* Public parks with playground equipment * Low crime; look up crime rates

* Libraries

* House prices

This is a rare combination: The cost of living in Texas is relatively low, while wages from most industries, such as tech, remain high. This means your dollar goes a lot farther. Look at individual cities in Texas to see what the cost of living is like. You can also compare where you currently live with specific areas in Texas using a cost of living calculator.

Great School Selection

Texas is home to a plethora of great school districts. Consider your child’s needs and whether you want to invest in a private school or find a good public school. This may depend on what size of school you want for your child and whether your child’s concentrating on certain interests. In either case, it’s easy to find good schools in most areas that will fit your family’s needs.

Fun Activities

Texas is full of fun activities for families to enjoy no matter where you are. In San Antonio, check out the world-famous Riverwalk, an urban waterway flanked by shops, hotels, and entertainment. This city is also home to SeaWorld. Indulge your child’s dream of being an astronaut with a tour of the NASA Space Center in Houston. In late September and early October, hit the enormous State Fair in Dallas, because who doesn’t love a good fried Twinkie followed by a ride that spins you around?

Texas is also home to countless breathtaking outdoor destinations. Outdoor adventure seekers will enjoy visiting Big Bend National Park in west Texas or visit the Grand Canyon of Texas, Palo Duro, near Amarillo. Those who like outdoor sports adventures will find many different places to rock climb in the state. Anyone looking to try whitewater rafting should check out the Guadalupe River in the hill country of Texas. Texas also has a fair share of places to mountain bike too for all skill levels and interests.

Art and History

Places like Austin are known for their art community, with visual and performing arts galore. Texas is also full of museums in general, focusing a wide variety of subjects. The Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas houses contemporary sculpture. There are many history museums with the most famous one being the Alamo in San Antonio.


Though people usually think of Texas as being nothing but big, wide open ranches and desert-type landscapes, it’s actually home to many different beaches. South Padre Island, once a college student spring break getaway, now attracts more families than partiers. Just hours outside Houston, you can fish, kiteboard, or hang out in the warm weather. Mustang Island on the Texas Gulf Coast is a popular spot for families to camp. There are beach fishing opportunities, boutique shopping, and plenty of birds to watch there.

Foodie Adventures

Texas is well-known for its Tex-Mex cuisine barbecue, and there are tons of places for you to check these out. There are also many other creative options for enthusiastic foodies that reflect the state’s increasing diversity. Austin, for example, is home to the Japanese-Mexican mixed restaurant, Kemuri Tatsu-ya. Himalaya in Houston offers Pakistani cuisine, with a specialty called hunter beef. And Mixtli in San Antonio offers a history lesson in Mexican cuisine with ever-changing menus from various regions of that country.

There are plenty of reasons why Texas is perfect for families. With all the career and cultural opportunities plus lower-priced housing, it may well be worth making the move. Be sure to research each city thoroughly and try to visit beforehand. Then take the plunge!

Navigating Dallas: Food, Fitness and Fun

city of dallas

Despite its longtime reputation as a country cowboy, meat-eating centric town, Dallas is rising in its appeal to those looking for a spiritual – and physical – adventure. Fresh, local foods are taking over, and residents are tuning into their mind and body more than ever. Dallas is a perfect place for both the beginner and advanced yogi to lay down their mat and flow, or simply get outside and connect with the city.

I recently spent a few months in Dallas, and would love to share some of my great finds! Here’s a guide to some of the hottest studios and places to be in Dallas!

Where To Eat Out

After an invigorating flow, nothing beats lunch at a Dallas local hotspot. Although Texas is known for its barbecue, there are a ton of savory vegetarian options in Dallas that give meat eaters a run for their money.

You can’t go wrong at Flower Child. This ‘fast casual’ spot serves up dishes that will satisfy any dietary preference. Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free diets are all accommodated, and meat can also be added to dishes for those looking for extra protein. Ingredients are fresh and local, and each dish is made entirely from scratch. They really stick to their motto – “Healthy food for a happy world.”

Ready for dessert? Whoever said that substituting ingredients made for less tasty desserts clearly hasn’t gone to Reverie Bakeshop. This all-vegan bakery will perk up your sweet tooth and make your mouth water. Grab an oatmeal cream pie or rice krispie treat and brag to all your friends about the tasty treats you’ve earned after a class.

Where To Work Out

The city ’s fitness trend is in full swing, and while prices vary by neighborhood, a strong sense of community, an intensified workout, and the occasional well-curated boutique make it worth the monthly membership.

Find a supportive workout community at White Rock Yoga. They offer classes for all levels, with each class having a different focus. They offer tons of fun classes, like the ‘Happiness Hour Yoga’, prenatal classes, and family-friendly classes.

There are dozens of other fitness classes in Dallas ranging from classics like Pilates to innovative workouts like hot yoga. See for yourself what the hype is about and find a gym or fitness center near you.

Fun Things To Do

The nightlife in Dallas is one-of-a-kind too. The Rustic is a popular watering hole for both locals and tourists, with a great outdoor seating area. I loved watching their live bands that played almost every day.

Another place I found with a more speakeasy vibe is Twilite Lounge. Bringing a little New Orleans to Dallas, Twilite Lounge brings you back to a different time. Just like the Rustic, it was great to see some more unique live bands on their stage.

From iconic gyms and fitness classes to amazing vegan eats and locally owned restaurants, Dallas truly has it all. Leave a comment if you tried and liked one of our recommendations or leave your own recommendation in the comment section below.