8 Neighbors You’ll Have In Texas

Texas may not be the most populated state, California has them beat by a long shot, but it is the biggest. With so much land you can imagine how certain areas vary from others, and how different people can be too. Living in Texas, you’re destined to run into these 10 types of people and a few of them will be your neighbors too.

1. The Traditional Southern Family

If you’re lucky, a traditional southern family will live next door. Texans have long been known for their southern hospitality. In fact, the name Texas was derived from the Native American word meaning friends. The warm, welcoming attitude is contagious and you just might find yourself a better neighbor too.

Texas football

2. Football Fanatics

Most Texas natives are huge football fans. High school, college, minor league, major league — they love it all. And not just football, but baseball, basketball and horse racing are very popular too. You’ll find dedicated sports fans all over the state.

3. The Cowboy

Texas is known for its tall hats, distinctive accents and life on the farm, all aspects of the cowboy stereotype. Although some of the rougher cowboy traditions have become outdated, there are still many aspects of the lifestyle that remain prevalent today. Outfits, interests and attitudes to name a few.

Dodge Challenger

4. The Muscle Car Owner

Most people who don’t have trucks are muscle car owners or aspire to be one. Probably because they are so much more efficient to travel with, especially with more electric models coming out every year. The most popular muscle car seems to be the Dodge Challenger, not too surprising if you consider its deep American roots. Texans tend to be very patriotic.

5. Hunters

A lot of people in Texas really appreciate having the right to bear arms, and they exercise it. Some shoot targets for fun, others hunt. But 44 percent of these gun owners have more than one, 20 percent have 5 or more. With hunting and cowboy shooting being such popular sports, it makes sense people are investing in more than one gun to practice with.

topography map Texas

6. The Outdoorsman

Some cities have more to do outside than others, but your neighborhood should have at least one outdoorsmen. With 13 mountain ranges and almost 200 reservoirs to choose from, there’s no reason everyone shouldn’t get outside.

7. Farmers

Texas farmers lead the country in cattle, sheep, goats, cotton and hay production. Depending on whether you choose a rural or urban area to live, it’s possible you’ll be neighbors with a farm. The distance between your properties will be longer, but that’s no reason not to be friends.

8. Out-of-staters

Then, of course, there are tons of transplants. In college towns especially. They’re generally easy to spot, lacking the Texas accent and all, but tend to experiment with Texan tradition and lingo in no time. Being surrounded by such strong cultural roots, we don’t blame them! In 2015, over half a million out of state residents moved to Texas.

No matter who your neighbors are, reach out and try to establish a connection. Getting to know people in your neighborhood is good for a number of reasons. Security, carpooling, bulk shopping and pet sitting are just a few. But neighbors are more than people who help each other out here and there. Often times you’ll remain friends even after moving away.